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Company Address: No. 1-6, B9 District, Wanbang International Logistics Park, Zhengzhou City, China
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From the place of origin to table, we  strictly control the quality of the fruits,  achieved a three-in-one mode of fruit production, sales and distribution.


Both ability and political integrity, appropriate application, reasonable configuration, role optimization, fair competition, selection and optimization


Marketing manager

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Henan-Zhengzhou-Zhongmu County
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Full time
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2018/07/25 10:47
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  First, job responsibilities

  1. Senior management positions, assisting the decision-making level in formulating the company's development strategy, and responsible for short-term and long-term corporate decisions and strategies in its functional areas, which have an important impact on the company's medium and long-term goals;

  2. Responsible for planning the company's annual market work objectives and marketing plans;

  3. Responsible for developing market business, carrying out relevant publicity and promotion, including management and progress, and establishing the company's market operation system;

  4. Analyze and predict the sales market, grasp the market trend, provide accurate relevant information for decision-making, and develop and develop the sales market;

  5. Plan and manage the budget of marketing activities, use the budget to execute advertising and marketing activities reasonably and effectively.

  Second, the promotion of positions:

  Marketing Manager → Marketing Director → Marketing General Manager;

  Third, qualifications:

  1. Bachelor degree or above in marketing management or related majors;

  2. Five years of marketing experience, working in the relevant company for more than three years as the marketing director, with the background of the industry, a deep understanding of the development of the field;

  3. Have strong planning skills, be familiar with all kinds of media operation methods, and have successful experience in promoting large-scale market activities;

  4. Have sensitive business and market awareness, strong ability to analyze problems and solve problems, and have excellent resource integration capabilities and business promotion capabilities;

  5. Have good communication and cooperation skills and rich experience in team building.