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Zhengzhou Chen's Sun Fruit and Vegetable Trade Co., Ltd.

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Company Address: No. 1-6, B9 District, Wanbang International Logistics Park, Zhengzhou City, China
Company phone: 400-9933-570
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From the place of origin to table, we  strictly control the quality of the fruits,  achieved a three-in-one mode of fruit production, sales and distribution.


Under the guidance of the company's global leadership, the company has developed international direct mining operations in North America, Australia, Europe and Africa

Hong Kong "Asia Fruit" Special Issue Interview with Chen Xuemei, Chairman of Chen’Sun Fruit and Vegetable Trading Co., Ltd.
Company leaders were invited to participate in the fruit logistica in Shanghai
Chen's Sun leaders were invited to participate in the fruit logistica in Shanghai, they met with suppliers from all over the world and happily negotiated important guidelines for long-term cooperation
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