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Zhengzhou Chen's Sun Fruit and Vegetable Trade Co., Ltd.

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Company Address: No. 1-6, B9 District, Wanbang International Logistics Park, Zhengzhou City, China
Company phone: 400-9933-570
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From the place of origin to table, we  strictly control the quality of the fruits,  achieved a three-in-one mode of fruit production, sales and distribution.


Under the guidance of the company's global leadership, the company has developed international direct mining operations in North America, Australia, Europe and Africa

Signed a 270 million yuan in Guangdong litchi export season first single has been sent to the United States and Canada
May 13, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province held "along the way, sweet departure" Silk Road 2019 Guangdong lychee line activities. According to Xinhua reports, fruit buyers from around the world and exp
Organic producers rise in 2018
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One kiwi to make up the vitamin C every day
What is good for the skin in winter? Everyone knows that kiwifruit is rich in nutrients and rich in vitamins. In fact, kiwifruit is especially rich in vitamin C. One kiwi per day can make up the vitam
Knowledge about the passion fruit you don’t know
In the lazy afternoon, the breeze blows the pages of the book, and people are sleepy. If you can have a refreshing drink, how good it is! Suddenly remember that there are still a few passion fruit in 
Banana, the most popular fruit
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Bananas in the human body can help the brain create a chemical component, serotonin, which stimulates the nervous system, giving people a signal of joy, calmness, and drowsiness, and even analgesic ef
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