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Vietnamese dragon fruit: with New Zealand to develop three new varieties of mass production is expected in late 2020

Asia fruit editor
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According to Vietnam, "the Saigon Liberation Daily" reported that Vietnam and New Zealand for six years to develop the red meat, white meat and meat pink dragon fruit varieties coming three volume production in late 2020. 
Reported that, compared with the existing varieties, three new varieties of taste sweeter, more full-bodied fruity. In addition to better quality, but its production is also higher, and immune to leaf spot, so without relying on pesticides, broaden the export channels. These new varieties will enjoy copyright protection worldwide. 
It is understood that the two countries jointly develop high-quality fruit varieties cooperation is former New Zealand Governor Jerry Mateparae reached visited Vietnam in 2013, assistance programs (New Zealand Development Assistance Program) funded by the New Zealand development, the Royal New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food (New Zealand Plant & Food Research, referred to PFR), Vietnam fruit Research Institute to develop the South (Southern fruit Research Institute, referred to SOFRI) and after the Vietnam Institute of Agricultural technology electrical and mining (Institute of Agricultural electrical and post- Harvest technology, referred to SIAEP) , the first study of food items is the dragon fruit. 
New Zealand Ambassador to Vietnam Wendy Matthews said that bilateral cooperation and investment between the two countries can help the fruit industry is flourishing in the highly competitive international market. However, the real success will depend greatly on effective protection and use of the related intellectual property. Every stage of the value chain need to improve as much as possible, while the long-term success of copyright is a prerequisite for the fruit industry. 
Dragon fruit is one of the main exports items Vietnam. 2018, the Vietnamese dragon fruit exports accounting for over 36% of total fruit exports, about $ 1.2 billion (about 8.11 billion yuan). Acreage increased from 10,000 hectares in 2010 to 54,000 hectares in 2018, production of over 100 million tons. The main producing areas of Binh Thuan, Long An Province, Tien Giang province, etc., as well as several other provinces also to develop dragon fruit cultivation.
New Zealand experts suggest that new varieties to be grown in a controlled manner. New Zealand Zespri (Zespri) kiwi, examples Aifei (Envy) and jazz (Jazz) Apple show that controlled the production of all parties should be based on the success of collaborative marketing programs to support.