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Knowledge about the passion fruit you don’t know

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How to soak the passion fruit
In the lazy afternoon, the breeze blows the pages of the book, and people are sleepy. If you can have a refreshing drink, how good it is! Suddenly remember that there are still a few passion fruit in the refrigerator. The fragrant aroma of passion fruit has anti-fatigue effect and smells refreshing. The method of direct consumption is somewhat monotonous. Why not try the new gameplay today, how to try to soak in water? However, how does the passion fruit soak in water? Let the momnet tell you!
Ingredients: passion fruit, honey.
1. Cut the passion fruit with a knife;
2. Use a spoon to pour the passion fruit seeds and juice out of the cup into the cup;
3. Add a little honey to the cup, mix well with cold water and sprinkle with mint leaves. ...
How to save passion fruit
Passion fruit is a very nutritious fruit. It can be eaten by a family of young and old, and the price is not expensive. Therefore, the savvy housewives will be listed on a large number of fruits. When the price is cheap, they will buy them in large quantities, but they can’t finish the passion. How should I save it?
First, buy the freshly picked passion fruit when you buy it. The fresh passion fruit is straight and has no obvious shape defects or protrusions. The surface is green and gradually red. In a ventilated and dry environment, the passion fruit can be left for a week, when the skin of the passion fruit will wrinkle, but the pulp and juice inside are still fresh.
If you have a refrigerator, put the passion fruit in a plastic wrap and put it in the freezer of the refrigerator. It can be stored for a long time, but the taste is not so good when you eat it. After the passion fruit is stored for a period of time, the peel will appear concave. Some people mistakenly believe that the passion fruit has deteriorated, so it is thrown away. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. As long as the peel is not damaged, the sunken passion fruit does not deteriorate, but its fruit. More sweet. ...
Passion fruit tea
As the name suggests, passion fruit tea is a tea made with passion fruit. Passion fruit is native to South America. If you smell it, you can smell the aroma of apple, lemon, strawberry and peach from the passion fruit. This is the origin of the name "passion fruit". However, in China, people are more willing to call it "egg fruit" because it is round and sleek, and cuts into a sticky egg-like juice, which is the raw material for passion fruit tea.
Ordinary passion fruit tea only uses the flesh of passion fruit and honey. The procedure is also very simple: cut the passion fruit with a knife; use a spoon to pour the passion fruit seeds and juice out of the cup into the cup; add a little honey to the cup, mix well with cold water and sprinkle with mint leaves. A cup of sweet and sour passion fruit tea is finished. ...
Side effects of passion fruit
Many people know that passion fruit is rich in nutrients, because it is sweet and sour, and it can taste a variety of fruit flavors at the same time, so many people like to eat. However, Passion fruit is not a fruit that is native to China. We know that "one party raises one person in water and soil", and many people will also be unacceptable when they go to other places. So, do we have any side effects when we eat imported passion fruit?
According to Momnet Encyclopedia, Passion fruit itself does not contain harmful ingredients, so if it has any side effects, it is easy to get angry. Passion fruit is a tropical fruit with a high sugar content. If you eat too much at one time, it will cause you to get angry. And the passion fruit is sour, you can't stand too much to eat too much throat at one time, and people with weaker stomach will feel uncomfortable.