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One kiwi to make up the vitamin C every day

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What is good for the skin in winter? Everyone knows that kiwifruit is rich in nutrients and rich in vitamins. In fact, kiwifruit is especially rich in vitamin C. One kiwi per day can make up the vitamin C needed for the whole day, which is most suitable for dry winter consumption.
Kiwifruit is an excellent fruit with rich nutritional value and efficacy. Kiwi fruit has many meat and fat juices, fresh and delicious, sweet and sour, and resistant to storage. Kiwifruit is rich in vitamins C, A, E, and potassium, magnesium, and cellulose. It also contains other rare nutrients such as folic acid, carotene, calcium, lutein, amino acids, and natural inositol. Health teaches you how to choose kiwifruit.
One kiwi complements the whole day dimension C
Vitamin C content is extremely rich is a major feature of kiwifruit, eating a kiwi can meet the body's need for vitamin C a day.
According to the data in the Chinese Food Composition Table, 100 grams of kiwifruit has a vitamin C content of 62 mg, while a medium-sized kiwifruit weighs about 160 grams. According to the Chinese Nutrition Society, the daily intake of vitamin C in adults is 100 mg. It seems that if you eat a kiwi every day, you don't have to worry about your vitamin C intake.
In addition, the vitamin K in kiwifruit is also very rich, it is not only related to coagulation function, but also beneficial to bone health. Like pineapple and papaya, there are proteases in kiwifruit. Studies have confirmed that kiwifruit helps to digest many common proteins such as milk protein and beef protein. Therefore, when eating too much fish, you may wish to eat a kiwi to help digestion.
Eat 1~2 kiwis every day
Eating 1~2 kiwifruits daily can meet the needs of the human body, and its nutrients can be fully absorbed by the human body. When eating, first cut the fruit into two halves with a knife, then use a small spoon to pick up the flesh; or cut off the peel, cut the fruit into slices, used to embellish the fruit platter, very beautiful and attractive.