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Signed a 270 million yuan in Guangdong litchi export season first single has been sent to the United States and Canada

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May 20, 2019

Signed a 270 million yuan in Guangdong litchi export season first single has been sent to the United States and Canada

May 13, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province held "along the way, sweet departure" Silk Road 2019 Guangdong lychee line activities. According to Xinhua reports, fruit buyers from around the world and export enterprises in Guangdong lychee signed a sales contract, the total value of the site to order up to 270 million yuan. 

It is reported that the average annual global litchi production was 4.6 million tons, China accounted for about 65%, is the world's largest litchi producer. Guangdong litchi planting area of nearly 270,000 hectares, litchi production last year nearly 150 million tons, ranking first in the country are on the acreage and average annual output. 

2018, Guangdong lychee exports about 4144 tons and exports of nearly $ 8.48 million (about 58.67 million yuan). The main export destinations in North America, Europe and Central Asia and other markets. 

Guangdong lychee Silk Road line of activity also marks the Guangdong lychee exports in 2019 officially kicked off. Message from the General Administration of Customs, May 6, the first batch of 83 tons of Zhanjiang in Guangdong, 1.96 million yuan worth of shipment to the United States has been lychee. In addition, Guangzhou, Foshan, two groups also weighing 24.8 tons, worth 118,000 US dollars (about 816,400 yuan) of litchi are exported to the United States and Canada. 

By the various government departments and Guangdong Sub-Administration of Customs jointly organized by the Guangdong lychee Silk Road line activities, invited to the consulate and fruit vendor from the United States, Japan, Ukraine, Israel, Greece and Thailand and other parts of the world, and eat succulent Guangdong litchi, lychee and witness of Guangdong to open the season. As the weather gradually gets warmer, Zhanjiang, Lianjiang, Maoming, Dongguan, and Guangzhou Zengcheng, Conghua and other places distinctive lychee products will gradually go on sale. It is reported that Guangdong lychee future will do more to promote initiatives in the country, New Zealand, Uganda, Kenya, Cambodia, Argentina, South Africa. 

"Thanks to the advanced technology of preservation and cold chain, litchi Guangdong won flourish in Europe. I came here to build closer collaboration with suppliers," said a fruit seller from Greece. He said litchi Guangdong has conquered the tastes of European consumers. 

In addition, the event litchi Guangdong Export Federation (agricultural) officially inaugurated, will provide a platform for mutual exchange and exporters around the planting litchi Guangdong, open sharing of resources to improve resource utilization. Guangdong lychee future will work closely in exports, thereby enhancing the credibility in the international community, to create a resounding brand.

According to Nanfang Daily said that this year, Guangdong litchi production by rain affects about 40 percent, prices rose about 50%, but the export situation is still rising.



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