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Philippine bananas: 200% of total exports to China exceed exports in the first quarter of 2019 rise by a third

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According to the Philippine media Business Mirror reported that the Philippine government's preliminary data show that the first quarter of 2019, the Philippine banana exports soared up to twice the 1.05 million tons, of which China imported a record amount, the total export volume of more than one-third.

According to the Philippine Bureau of Statistics (PSA) data show that from January to March, the Philippine banana exports increased from about 35 million tonnes last year, up 200.72 percent, the value of exports from $ 171 million last year (about 3.216 billion yuan) growth 177.49%, to $ 474 million (about 1.154 billion yuan).

Among them, the first quarter of the Chinese market, exports 34% of total exports, trade volume and value are doubled. Last year, the Philippine banana exports to China amount to 107,300 tons, reached 376,400 tons this year, worth about $ 161 million (about 1.086 billion yuan), compared with $ 62,646,000 last year (about 425 million yuan) rise 175.2%, Philippine banana exports to China since 2005, a record in the first quarter of each year.

"Since 2018, China has become our largest export market, its huge population base and purchasing power driven," Philippine banana growers and Exporters Association) General Manager Stephen A. Antig expressed.

Data from the China General Administration of Customs show that China has purchased 450,000 tons of bananas from the Philippines, valued at $ 275 million (about 1.867 billion yuan). 2018, China overtook Japan to become the largest export market for Philippine bananas.

Exports to China increased from 74.8511 million tons in 2017 to 70% of 1.273 million tons.